MUSHRoom: Graphical MUSH/MUX Area Builder

MUSHRoom is a Windows program that can be used to graphically create areas offline, which can then be exported as MUSHCode to a variety of MUSH/MUX servers. It is designed to make some of the more tedious technical tasks of building easier, allowing builders to focus on the creative and design aspects of building, rather than on the commands and MUSHCode used in the process.

MUSHRoom works by allowing you to create boxes representing rooms, then drawing lines between the rooms to represent the exits that connect these rooms together. MUSHRoom makes the setting of exit and room messages easy because you do so through a series of self-explanatory property pages, without having to remember the difference between @ODROP and @OSUCC. You can also use MUSHRoom to create objects in a similar manner.

MUSHRoom can be used to build the typical "explorable" area, additionally you can choose to utilize its advanced features to create areas with interactivity, such as puzzles. For example, you could create an objects that acts as a key, and prevent players from passing through a certain exit unless they are holding that object. You can also define custom room inputs, place hint messages on rooms, have hidden exits, and so on. All without writing a single line of code.

It is currently able to export areas to PennMUSH, TinyMUSH, TinyMUX, TinyTIM and TinyBit.

It can be downloaded here.