Tempest Arcade Game

Tempest differs from its RL counterpart by actually including deliberate Shakespeare references.

Author: dadaist@DinoMUSH
Category: Games
Functions: name(), rand().
Compatibility: CobraMUSH, PennMUSH, TinyBit, TinyMUSH, TinyMUX.


Copy and paste the below code into a compatible MUSH or MUX.

MUSHCode for Tempest Arcade Game

@create Tempest=10
@lock Tempest=*Arcade Manager
@Desc Tempest=One of Atari's best selling classic games.
@Cost Tempest=1
@Pay Tempest=You drop a token in the slot.
@Opay Tempest=tosses a token in Tempest.
@Apay Tempest=@trigger me/will[rand(10)]
&WILL0 Tempest=@emit William steps out of the machine and says "Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie which we ascribe to heaven."
&WILL1 Tempest=@emit A voice from inside the machine recites "Kingdoms are clay\; our dungy earth alike feeds beast as man\; the nobleness of life is to do thus\; when such a mutual pair and such a twain can do't."
&WILL2 Tempest=@emit William's head pops up from inside the machine and he says "Sweet are the uses of adversity, which like the toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in his head\; and this our life, except from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything."
&WILL3 Tempest=@emit A voice shouts "They brought me one Pinch, a hungry, lean-fac'd villain, a mere anatomy, a mountebank, a threadbare juggler, and a fortune-teller, a needy, hollow-ey'd, sharp-looking wretch, a living-dead man."
&WILL4 Tempest=@emit William says "The beast with many heads butts me away."
&WILL5 Tempest=@emit A voice from inside the machine says "If she be furnish'd with a mind so rare, she is alone the Arabian bird, and I have lost the wager. Boldness be my friend! Arm me, audacity."
&WILL6 Tempest=@emit William walks out of the machine and says "In the most high and palmy state of Rome, a little ere the mightiest Julius fell, the graves stood tenantless and the sheeted dead did squeak and gibber in the Roman streets."
&WILL7 Tempest=@emit A voice says "And is not my hostess of the tavern a most sweet wench?"
&WILL8 Tempest=@emit William recites "Ye gods, it doth amaze me, a man of such a feeble temper should so get the start of the majestic world, and bear the palm alone."
&WILL9 Tempest=@emit A voice cries "How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, that has such people in't."
&MYLOM Tempest=@emit William strides forth from Tempest and says to [name(%0)] "You common cry of curs! whose breath I hate as reek o' the rotten fens, whose loves I prize as the dead carcases of unburied men that do corrupt my air, - I banish you.";@tel %0=#151
@set Tempest=DARK
@set Tempest=SAFE