A stripper that reconfigures appearance and costume for every dance, and the catwalk she dances from. This code includes MUX ansi commands, which must be edited out for a MUSH.

Author: Gwen Morse
Category: Other
Features: color substitutions.
Compatibility: TinyMUX.


Copy and paste the below code into a compatible MUSH or MUX.

MUSHCode for Stripper

Log file from Local - Grid.

2/15/00 12:06:18 AM

@@ This is a pair of objects that will provide you with a ready-made stripper and her catwalk!
@@ The stripper is set inside the catwalk, which is set opaque. #64 should be edited to refer to
@@ the stripper object. I believe all else is self-evident.
@@ In case you're wondering at the multiple switches(), the max capacity of a switch SEEMS to be 14
@@ Any further is where it broke for me. Since I wanted more options than that, for many sections,
@@ I nested the switches. (Gwen)

@create A young woman with blue-black hair=10
@VA A young woman with blue-black hair=!DARK;&status me=ON;@trigger me/vy;@name me=A [u(name-fn)];@set me=body:[u(body-fn)];@set me=eyes:[u(eye-fn)];@set me=personality:[u(person-fn)];@set me=costume:[u(costume-fn)];@set me=skin:[u(skin-fn)];@set me=bra:[u(bra-fn)];@emit [capstr(name(me))], with [v(skin)] skin, steps out on stage from the back room, wearing a [v(costume)] on her [v(body)] body.;@trigger me/vb=%N,[num(me)],%vc,%vd,1
@VB A young woman with blue-black hair=@wait %3={@emit [s(u(line[%4]))];@switch %2=%4,{@wait %3=@emit [s(v(endpose))];&status me=OFF;@set me=dark;@trigger me/vz},{@trigger me/vb=%0,%1,%2,%3,[add(%4,1)]}}
&LINE1 A young woman with blue-black hair=The [rest(name(me))] reaches up and loosens her hair, to let it fall free around her shoulders. A few men in the audience start to whoop. She breaks into a [u(person-fn)] smile.
&LINE2 A young woman with blue-black hair=She stretches, walking out further on stage to run her hands slowly over her [v(costume)]. She gives a [v(personality)] look out over the audience.
&LINE3 A young woman with blue-black hair=Her [v(body)] body writhes to the beat of the music. She begins removing her [rest(v(costume))], starting at the bodice. As she bares her torso, you see her breasts held behind a [v(bra)] bra. Her [v(skin)] skin gleams under the bright lights.
&EYE-FN A young woman with blue-black hair=[switch(rand(12),0,sultry,1,sparkling,2,slightly-tilted,3,long-lashed,4,warm,5,sexy,6,large,7,glittering,8,thickly-lashed,9,deep-set,10,almond-shaped,11,vibrant,12,heavily-outlined,13,beautiful)] [switch(rand(14),0,blue,1,brown,2,green,3,amber,4,green,5,hazel,6,violet,7,golden,8,pale blue,9,bright green,10,dark,11,grey,12,brown,13,black)]
&NAME-FN A young woman with blue-black hair=switch(rand(2),0,switch(rand(14),0,tall blonde,1,short brunette,2,tall redhead,3,sweet brunette,4,tall brunette,5,woman with tightly-curled black hair,6,classic brunette,7,platinum blonde,8,dark-haired woman,9,flame-haired young woman,10,wild-looking brunette,11,dark blonde,12,auburn-haired woman,13,golden-haired woman),1,switch(rand(14),0,short woman with multi-colored hair,1,short woman with wild blonde hair,2,sweet blonde,3,sweet redhead,4,classic blond,5,classic redhead,6,ash blonde,7,honey blonde,8,strawberry blond,9,copper-haired woman,10,raven-haired woman,11,mahogany-haired woman,12,young woman with blue-black hair,13,tall woman with black hair))
&BODY-FN A young woman with blue-black hair=switch(rand(14),0,full and stacked,1,willowy and slender,2,wide-hipped,3,long-legged,4,tall and leggy,5,athetic and trim,6,big-boned,7,sleek and muscled,8,full and slinky,9,soft and sleek,10,full-bodied and beautiful,11,waif-like and narrow,12,delightfully augmented,13,zaftig)
&PERSON-FN A young woman with blue-black hair=switch(rand(2),0,switch(rand(14),0,wicked,1,sly,2,sweet,3,very innocent,4,vivacious,5,sunny,6,laughing,7,bright,8,blushing,9,shy,10,self-assured,11,reserved,12,coy,13,flirty),1,switch(rand(14),0,arrogant,1,inviting,2,blatantly sexual,3,curious,4,aroused,5,teasing,6,calculating,7,appraising,8,giddy,9,bubbly,10,challenging,11,submissive,12,demure,13,assertive))
&COSTUME-FN A young woman with blue-black hair=switch(rand(3),0,switch(rand(10),0,nurse's uniform,1,Catholic school girl's uniform,2,Mardi-Gras party dress,3,Las Vegas showgirl's costume,4,schoolteacher's clothes,5, businesswoman's suit,6,cowgirl's outfit,7,sailor's uniform,8,gentleman's tuxedo,9,librarian-style prim dress),1,switch(rand(7),0,Xena the Warrior Princess costume,1,Wonder Woman costume,2,silver futuristic jumpsuit,3,medieval wench dress,4,1920's flapper dress,5,1960's go-go girl outfit,6,Princess Leia slave-girl costume),2,switch(rand(8),0,Egyptian slave-girl's outfit,1,belly-dancer's outfit,2,fairy-princess dress,3,waitress' uniform,4,sleepover-style pajama set,5,policewoman's uniform,6,cheap trailor-trash outfit,7,baby-girl dress))
&SKIN-FN A young woman with blue-black hair=switch(rand(14),0,dusky,1,well-tanned,2,cafe au lait,3,ivory,4,pale,5,creamy,6,golden,7,dark,8,porcelain,9,alabaster,10,milk chocolate,11,peaches and cream,12,darkly-freckled mulatto,13,golden-freckled)
&BRA-FN A young woman with blue-black hair=[switch(rand(9),0,sheer,1,see-through,2,gold-spangled,3,silver-spangled,4,snug,5,soft,6,frilly,7,heart-patterned,8,girlish)] [switch(rand(14),0,red,1,black,2,white,3,pink,4,blue,5,yellow,6,lavender,7,red and black,8,pink and white,9,red and white,10,blue and white,11,blue and black,12,yellow and white,13,lavender and white)] [switch(rand(2),0,satin,1,lace)]
&LINE4 A young woman with blue-black hair=Her [v(eyes)] eyes look out over the room as she shakes out her hair, and drops her first piece of clothing off to the side. You see a thin sheen of sweat start to gleam on her chest. The music throbs, and her body moves as if caught in it.
&LINE5 A young woman with blue-black hair=The [rest(name(me))] [u(action-list1)]. Moving to the edge of the stage, she smiles down at [u(men)], and slips off her [v(bra)] bra, dropping it right on him.
&MEN A young woman with blue-black hair=switch(rand(14),0,an older man in a suit,1,a man in a baseball cap,2,a man in a business suit with a dark moustache,3,a man in t-shirt and jeans,4,a dark-skinned man,5,a grinning college boy,6,a startled man,7,a hooting man,8,a quiet man in eyeglasses,9,a man who gets slapped on the back by his tablemates,10,a shyly-mannered man,11,a man waving big bills around,12,a baby-faced young man who looks underaged,13,a starchy executive)
&LINE6 A young woman with blue-black hair=Her [v(personality)] look turns into a [u(person-fn)] one as she [u(action-list2)]. She begins to remove the lower part of her costume.
&LINE7 A young woman with blue-black hair=She completely removes the rest of the [v(costume)], and stands in nothing but a pair of silky, [u(bra-fn)] panties. She walks down the catwalk, swaying her hips. [capstr(u(men))] slowly slips a large bill down the front of her panties, clearly relishing her [v(body)] body.
&LINE8 A young woman with blue-black hair=She steps near the edge of the stage, and [u(men)] slides another bill down under her waistband. She slides her hands beneath the waistband of the panties and starts to slide them down, revealing a [v(bra)] g-string, bit by bit. She tosses the silky panties out over the crowd, where [u(men)] is able to grab them. The men near the catwalk grin up at her as she moves closer,letting them slide the money slowly beneath the skimpy undergarment.
&LINE9 A young woman with blue-black hair=She seems to take a [u(personality)] pleasure in the feel of the men's fingers sliding the money under the strings of the g-string. Her [v(skin)] skin gleams with a slick shine now from the heat of the lights, and she pants from the dancing. She looks as if she is wearing a hip ruffle made of green money as she sways down the catwalk.
&LINE10 A young woman with blue-black hair=The [rest(name(me))] [u(action-list3)]. She lets [u(men)] begin to tug down her g-string. To the shouts of the audience, she slips it off totally. She makes her way to the brass pole and begins to rub herself against it slowly, while the audience whoops and growls at her. She selects a man near the stage and drops the skimpy garment to him, before heading back to the pole. She swings around the pole and back up again, and arches her back as the music ends and the lights go off on stage.
&ENDPOSE A young woman with blue-black hair=The lights come on again, but the [rest(name(me))] has left the stage. So has her collection of money. The house lights come back up, dimly, and conversations become louder in the club. The man holding her damp g-string gives a [u(mpersonality)] smile to his jealous tablemates.
@VY A young woman with blue-black hair=@dolist [lcon(here)]=@switch [owner(##)]=#59,@@,{@tel ##=off;@pemit ##=The bouncers help you off the stage. "Show's going to start."}
@VZ A young woman with blue-black hair=@wait 1800={@switch [v(status)]=OFF,@trigger me/va,@@}
&ACTION-LIST1 A young woman with blue-black hair=switch(rand(10),0,moves to the pole and begins to slowly move her body up and down the gleaming metal,1,{takes the pole in one hand and moves in a circle, her hair arcing away from her body},2,{tosses her head and runs her hands over her bare torso, trailing her fingers over the curve of her breasts while her hips grind to the beat},3,{closes her eyes and starts to slide her fingers beneath the confining brassiere},4,raises her arms above her head and slowly rotates her hips,5,{smiles down at the audience. She sees one man close by and bites her lip while her chest slowly heaves},6,{moves her shoulders and swings her behind as she walks down the catwalk, slipping the bra straps off her shoulders one by one. She just smiles at the men offering money, and struts back towards the head of the stage},7,{seems lost in the sway of the music, standing almost stock-still while her fingers trace over the front of her bra. She closes her eyes and sways herself, unhooking the bra eyelet by eyelet},8,{moves sinuously, with an incredible grace. She looks almost part snake, the way she moves her body. Like a dancing girl, she glides down the catwalk, turning and dancing back again to the top of the stage},9,{shivers as the music seems to take her in its grasp. She runs her hands down her thighs and up again, slowly unhooking her brassiere.})
&ACTION-LIST2 A young woman with blue-black hair=switch(rand(8),0,{runs her hands over her bare breasts, teasing her nipples into points under the heat of the lights},1,{runs her hands over her [v(skin)] skinned breasts slowly, deliberately teasing a man near her while she smiles},2,{closes her eyes slowly and arches her back, spinning on one high heel as her hair whips around her shoulders. She runs her hands over her breasts and down to her waist, where she slides her fingers under the waistband},3,{smiles and slides her hands down over her behind, cupping it in her hands before stroking over her thighs and beginning to loosen her waistband teasingly},4,{pants slightly with the exertion of her grinding dance. She moves to the edge of the catwalk and allows a man to loosen the waistband of her costume while she gives him a [u(person-fn)] look. He can't tear his eyes off her as she moves off towards the center of the catwalk},5,{flicks her nipples with her fingers and shudders, lost in her graceful, erotic dance. She runs her hands down her gleaming [v(skin)] belly and spreads her fingers there, slowly loosening the waistband. With her expression, she could be teasing herself as much as the audience},6,{shivers, and her arms rise above her head as she grinds her hips during a heavy beat part of the music. Her soft lips are slightly parted as her outhrust chest heaves with the force of her breathing.},7,{tosses her head, and turns her back to the audience, slowly sliding her hands over her covered rear, before spinning around to cup her breasts, then trail her fingers down her sides to begin loosening her waistband})
&ACTION-LIST3 A young woman with blue-black hair=switch(rand(10),0,slides her hands over her sweaty thighs,1,runs her hands over her [v(skin)] breasts,1,arches her back and shakes her shoulders with a grin,2,moves to the edge of the stage and lets a man tug on her g-string with his teeth,3,bends over and lets a man slide a bill low down in the g-string,4,{moves to the end of the stage and lets [u(men)] shove a bill right down the front of her g-string},5,cups her breasts while a customer slides his hands up her thighs to tuck some green in her waistband,6,smiles wickedly at a man who hands her a note with a folded bill,7,smiles mysteriously at a man off the side of the stage,8,{shivers as two men both simultaneously slide money up her thighs and under her waistband},9,{lets out a small laugh as a man approaches the stage with a bill in his mouth. She lets him slide it under her waistband while it is still in his teeth})
&CREDITS A young woman with blue-black hair=Originally Coded by Lilith@Cajun Nights. Updated and improved (with expanded descriptions and options) by Gwen Morse.
@VW A young woman with blue-black hair=@switch u(status)=ON,{@halt me;&status me=OFF; @remit loc(me)=The [rest(name(me))] stops dancing and collects some fallen bills from the catwalk. The thumping dance music is replaced by a quiet background tune. The dancer hurries towards her dressing room. This dance was stopped by a request from [name(%0)].},{@pemit %0=There's no girl dancing to try to request her to 'stop'!}
@VC A young woman with blue-black hair=10
&MPERSONALITY A young woman with blue-black hair=switch(rand(11),0,shy,1,smug,2,happy,3,cheerful,4,arrogant,5,blushing,6, sly,7,laughing,8,surprised,9,quiet,10,leering)
@VD A young woman with blue-black hair=20
&STATUS A young woman with blue-black hair=OFF
&BODY A young woman with blue-black hair=willowy and slender
&EYES A young woman with blue-black hair=warm bright green
&PERSONALITY A young woman with blue-black hair=bubbly
&COSTUME A young woman with blue-black hair=librarian-style prim dress
&SKIN A young woman with blue-black hair=golden-freckled
&BRA A young woman with blue-black hair=snug white lace
@set A young woman with blue-black hair=DARK
@set A young woman with blue-black hair=QUIET
@set A young woman with blue-black hair=SAFE

@create Catwalk=10
@lock Catwalk=#183
@Desc Catwalk=%rA large 'T' shaped stage, with the leg of the 'T' coming into the lounge, and the top of the 'T' is against the back wall. The back wall is made up of floor to ceiling mirrors. In the middle of the leg of the 'T' is a brass pole that extends throught the ceiling, to what appears to be a very strong mount on the ceiling above the drop ceiling. The Catwalk is lined with little translucent glass bricks, with some sort of lights strung through them. They add to the drama, and also seperate the customers sitting below from the dancers.%r%rIf you %ch'peek at mirror'%cn just right, you can see some interesting things in the rest of the room!%r%rYou can also ask for a %ch'dancer'%cn or ask the present dancer to %ch'stop'.%cn%r
@VA Catwalk=$peek at mirror:@pemit %#=[u(ARG[rand(3)],%#)]%r%r;@wait 2=@pemit %#=[u(ARGB[rand(3)],%#)]%r%r;@wait 5=@pemit %#=[u(ARGC[rand(3)],%#)]
&ARG0 Catwalk=Looking at the mirror you notice a beautiful lady pulling a gentleman by the hand back into the darkest corner of the lounge.
&ARG1 Catwalk=Glancing up into the mirror, you see a tiny blonde, with an absolutely stunning body grinning at you, as she dances around the fellow, just barely behind you.
&ARG2 Catwalk=Watching the stage, you notice a Amazonian lady of Olympic proportions, move in between the legs of the gentleman in front of you, almost in the stage lights.
&ARGB0 Catwalk=You her begin to stroke her body against him, as she removes her clothing, and you see beads of sweat start appearing on his face and forehead, as she continues to move against him.
&ARGB1 Catwalk=From the way she is moving, and from the way *he* is moving, you can assume that his crotch, has definitely come alive!
&ARGB2 Catwalk=The way her chest is heaving and the glint in her eye when she looks at him, you feel like it must be more than just the mere fact that he is paying her to dance!
&ARGC0 Catwalk=You notice alot of patrons are watching her, as she slides her g-string covered crotch up and down his thighs and as her huge breasts rub against his chest!
&ARGC1 Catwalk=Suddenly, you see many patrons with their money out, trying to get the attention of any of the many beautiful ladies strutting around the bar in little bits of clothing!
&ARGC2 Catwalk=Your neighbor at the nearest table, suddenly starts waving his money in the air, as he become desperate for the attentions of any one of the lovely ladies in the lounge!
@VW Catwalk=$stop:@trigger #64/vw=%#
@Prefix Catwalk=%[From the Catwalk%]
@VX Catwalk=$dancer:@switch u(#64/STATUS)=OFF,{@wait 1=@trigger #64/va},{@pemit %#=There is already a 'dancer' on the Catwalk!}
@set Catwalk=AUDIBLE