Random Game Generator

It comes up with amazing, innovative new MUX/MUSH ideas at the push of a button!

Author: Sparks@BrazilMUX
Category: Games
Commands: @create, @describe, @lock.


Copy and paste the below code into a compatible MUSH or MUX.

MUSHCode for Random Game Generator

@create Random Game Generator
@lock Random Game Generstor==me
@Desc Random Game Generator=%rIt comes up with amazing, innovative new MUX/MUSH ideas at the push of a button! Just type 'create game' to try it for yourself!%r
&THEMES Random Game Generator=Harry Potter|Star Wars|Lord of the Rings|Pern|Elfquest|Star Trek|X-Men|DC Comics|Babylon 5|Gundam|Godzilla|Army of Darkness|Matrix|World of Darkness|Dragonlance|Stargate|Wheel of Time|My Little Pony|Avatar|Battletech|Dresden Files|True Blood|Song of Ice and Fire|Ouran Host Club|X-Files|Sliders|Doctor Who|Torchwood|Buffy the Vampire Slayer|Firefly|Mass Effect|Lord of the Rings|steampunk|World of Warcraft|Mad Max|Shadowrun|CSI
&LOCATIONS Random Game Generator=on Mars|in outer space|in a lost world deep inside the earth|on the moon|on a space station|inside a character's dream|in Soviet Russia|in Japan|in Florence|in Atlantis|in Narnia|on Gallifrey|in Middle Earth|in Wonderland|in Moose Jaw, Canada|in the town of Twin Peaks|in an Edwardian manor house|in a crack house|on the Titanic|in Purgatory|in a brothel|in Westminster Abbey|on a Chilliwack cow farm|on the starship Enterprise|in Sherwood Forest|on Pandora|on a sheep farm|inside the belly of a whale|in the Daily Planet|in Gotham City|in Hogwarts|in a small orange teapot|in Seattle
&ERAS Random Game Generator=feudal Japan|ancient Rome|the distant future|Victorian-era England|the era of Celtic myth|the time of King Arthur|the Incan empire|pre-dynastic Egypt|the Wild West|the Roaring 20s|1969|the Hundred Years War|1984|2001|the English Civil War|the American Civil War
&CATCHES Random Game Generator=the characters are trying to all find jobs in a harsh economy|a great plague has wiped out everyone over the age of 18|everyone speaks in iambic pentameter|people have to coexist with hungry dinosaurs|the world is powered by STEAM|the galaxy is going to be destroyed by an ancient evil|everyone faces a global famine|everyone has amnesia|the entire populace gains super-powers|everyone undergoes an involuntary gender-swap|the world has been conquered by dolphins|everyone has turned into ponies|everyone worships the All-Potato, Bringer of Starch|everyone wears corsets|everyone pilots airships|the world is actually an MMORPG|a global war has destroyed civilization|cloning makes death irrelevant|everyone is a hippie|alien parasites have turned everyone into puppets|global warming has flooded the earth|by law every female must marry by age 18|everyone has red hair|children have the same stats as adults|Queen Mary Sue rules all with benevolence|men are executed at the age of 18|the world is ruled by cats|there are no shrimp
&GIMMICKS Random Game Generator=crossed-over with [first(shuffle(setdiff(v(themes),%q0,|),|),|)]~set in [first(shuffle(v(eras),|),|)]~where [first(shuffle(v(catches),|),|)]
&FN-GAMEIDEA Random Game Generator=[setq(0,first(shuffle(v(themes),|),|))]a %q0 game [u(me/gen-gimmick,gimmicks)], [u(me/gen-gimmick,gimmicks2)]
&GEN-GIMMICK Random Game Generator=[s(first(shuffle(v(%0),~),~))]
&CMD-GENGAME Random Game Generator=$create game:@pemit/contents [loc(%#)]=[ansi(ch,Game Idea Generator:)] %N should make [u(me/fn-gameidea)]!
&GIMMICKS2 Random Game Generator=but located [first(shuffle(v(locations),|),|)]~where [first(shuffle(v(catches),|),|)]