Lastsite Finder

A command which allows you to search for players that match a certain site pattern, or match the site of another player (for finding alts).

Author: 8BitMUSH
Category: Globals
Commands: @dolist.


Copy and paste the below code into a compatible MUSH or MUX.

MUSHCode for Lastsite Finder

@@ Here is a command used on 8BitMUSH to find alts
@@ based upon the LASTSITE and LASTIP attributes.
@@ Type 'lastsite <what to look for>' to search by
@@ LASTSITE, and 'lastip <what to look for>' to search
@@ by LASTIP. You may search for "the same ip/site as
@@ another player" (as a way to find alts) by name or
@@ dbref, or search directly for an address (using
@@ wildcards if you wish).
@@ Alternatively, 'lastip <what to look for>' works
@@ exactly the same, but searches just the numerical
@@ IP address, and not the resolved host name.
@@ NOTE: I don't think TinyMUSH keeps a LASTIP address.
@@ This code has only really been tested on PennMUSH.
@@ Examples:
@@ lastsite Luigi
@@ lastsite
@@ lastsite *
@@ lastip 1.172.9.*

&LASTSITE a wizard object=$lastsite *:[setq(0,switch(pmatch(%0),#-1*,%0,#-2*,%0,get(#$/lastsite)))]@dolist search(all,type,player)=@swi/first strmatch(get(##/lastsite),%q0)=1,{@pem/s %#=Site Matched: [name(##)]\(##\)}

@@ Uncomment the next line if you are running on a PennMUSH, or a server that sets a LASTIP.
@@ &LASTIP a wizard object=$lastip *:[setq(0,switch(pmatch(%0),#-1*,%0,#-2*,%0,get(#$/lastip)))]@dolist search(all,type,player)=@swi/first strmatch(get(##/lastip),%q0)=1,{@pem/s %#=Site Matched: [name(##)]\(##\)}