Kirin Dougherty Rumor

Kirin Doughterty stores and retrieves rumors.

Category: Other
Commands: @create, @lock, @pemit, @remit, @set.
Compatibility: CobraMUSH, PennMUSH, TinyBit, TinyMUX.


Copy and paste the below code into a compatible MUSH or MUX.

MUSHCode for Kirin Dougherty Rumor

@create Kirin Dougherty
@lock Kirin Dougherty==me
@set Kirin Dougherty = !NO_COMMAND
@set Kirin Dougherty = MONITOR
&AUTHOR_BODIN Kirin Dougherty=Bodin
@set Kirin Dougherty/AUTHOR_BODIN=no_command
&AUTHOR_DAVE Kirin Dougherty=Dave
@set Kirin Dougherty/AUTHOR_DAVE=no_command
&AUTHOR_DAYSPRING Kirin Dougherty=ShadowKat
@set Kirin Dougherty/AUTHOR_DAYSPRING=no_command
&AUTHOR_POE Kirin Dougherty=Anima
@set Kirin Dougherty/AUTHOR_POE=no_command
&AUTHOR_SHAPESHIFTER Kirin Dougherty=Cmintrnt
@set Kirin Dougherty/AUTHOR_SHAPESHIFTER=no_command
&CMD-ADD Kirin Dougherty=$+add-rumor *=*:&RUMOR_%0 me=%1;@pemit %#={[capstr(name(me))] whispers the rumour back to you as: %1};@remit loc(me)={[capstr(name(me))] and [capstr(name(%#))] seem to be engaged in a whispering match.};&AUTHOR_%0 me=%N
&CMD-HEAR Kirin Dougherty=$+rumor-*:@pemit %#={[v(RUMOR_%0)]};@remit loc(me)=[capstr(name(me))] leans over to whisper something to [capstr(name(%#))].
&CMD-LIST Kirin Dougherty=$+rlist:@pemit %#={[capstr(name(me))] can tell you about the following:%r[edit(table(lattr(me/RUMOR_*),20,80),RUMOR_,%b)]}
&CMD-RHELP Kirin Dougherty=$!rumor:@pemit %#=%r[space(5)][ansi(hc,.------------------------------------------------------.)]%r[space(5)][ansi(hc,|)][ansi(hc,[center(Soran's Bar,54)])][ansi(hc,|)]%r[space(5)][ansi(hc,|)][ansi(hc,[center(Kirin Dougherty Rumor Help,54)])][ansi(hc,|)]%r[space(5)][ansi(hc,|)][space(54)][ansi(hc,|)]%r[space(5)][ansi(hc,|)]%b[ansi(hc,[ljust(Command,28)])][ansi(hc,[ljust(Does,25)])][ansi(hc,|)]%r[space(5)][ansi(hc,|)][space(54)][ansi(hc,|)]%r[space(5)][ansi(hc,|)]%b[ansi(hb,[ljust(+add-rumor <name>=<rumor>,28)])][ansi(hr,[ljust(Adds <rumor> with <name>,25)])][ansi(hc,|)]%r[space(5)][ansi(hc,|)]%b[ansi(hb,[ljust(+rlist,28)])][ansi(hr,[ljust(Lists all rumors,25)])][ansi(hc,|)]%r[space(5)][ansi(hc,|)]%b[ansi(hb,[ljust(+rumor-<name>,28)])][ansi(hr,[ljust(Shows rumor <name>,25)])][ansi(hc,|)]%r[space(5)][ansi(hc,|)]%b[ansi(hb,[ljust(!rumor,28)])][ansi(hr,[ljust(Shows this screen,25)])][ansi(hc,|)]%r[space(5)][ansi(hc,|)][space(54)][ansi(hc,|)]%r[space(5)][ansi(hc,|)][ansi(hc,[center(Replace <name> with the name of the rumor's name,54)])][ansi(hc,|)]%r[space(5)][ansi(hc,|)][ansi(hc,[center(and <rumor> with the text of the rumor.,54)])][ansi(hc,|)]%r[space(5)][ansi(hc,|)][space(54)][ansi(hc,|)]%r[space(6)][ansi(hc,------------------------------------------------------)]%r
&DESCRIBE Kirin Dougherty=Before you stands a rather pretty young human woman in her mid to late 20s. She has long curly red hair and twinkling green eyes under pencil thin red eyebrows. She is usually smiling, her thin pink lips curled up in a perpetual friendly smile. She is wearing a long hunter green dress, and has some simple light brown leather sandals on her tiny feet. On her right arm is an ornate gold bracelet, and a simple silver watch is on her left wrist. She seems to be someone fairly easy to talk to and, as rumor has it, Kirin Dougherty might be a good place to turn for the juicy bits of gossip running around.%r%r[center([ansi(hr,!rumor)] for help with rumors,72)]%r%rAny questions, comments and ideas should be directed to K'Alan.
@set Kirin Dougherty/DESCRIBE=no_command visual public nearby
&RUMOR_BODIN Kirin Dougherty=Bodin was here.
@set Kirin Dougherty/RUMOR_BODIN=no_command
&RUMOR_DAVE Kirin Dougherty=eats flowers in the bathroom!
@set Kirin Dougherty/RUMOR_DAVE=no_command
&RUMOR_DAYSPRING Kirin Dougherty=He looks like Nathan Dayspring Summers.
@set Kirin Dougherty/RUMOR_DAYSPRING=no_command
&RUMOR_POE Kirin Dougherty=In order to get kicked out of West Point, Edgar Allen Poe responded to a notice that told cadets to wear their gloves and belt by wearing ONLY his gloves and belt.
@set Kirin Dougherty/RUMOR_POE=no_command
&RUMOR_SHAPESHIFTER Kirin Dougherty=Rumor has it that there's an unstable shapeshifter wandering around the main grid.
@set Kirin Dougherty/RUMOR_SHAPESHIFTER=no_command