Ian's Text

An original ascii art font, with upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Author: Ian@BrazilMUX
Category: Fonts
Commands: @create, @lock, @pemit, @set.


Copy and paste the below code into a compatible MUSH or MUX.

MUSHCode for Ian's Text

@create Text
@lock Text==me
@set Text=!NO_COMMAND
@lock/user:Basic Text==#0
&DO_TEXT Text=$+text *:@pemit %#=[setq(2,v(font_1_1))][setq(3,v(font_1_2))][setq(4,v(font))][setq(9,foreach(foreach_text,%0))]%r%q0%r%q1
&FONT Text=;ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.! 1234567890'()@#$%^&*+-=<>[]\/{}|?"'`~,:
&FONT_1_1 Text=oa /\ a|>a/~~a|~\a(~a|~a/~_a|_|a~|~a ~|~a|/a| a|\/|a|\ |a/~~\a|>a/~\ a|>a(~a~|~a| |a\ /a\ . /a\/a\ /a~/a _ a| a _a |a _a+-a(_)a|_ a.a |a|oa| a._ _ a._ a _ a+\a/+a._a _a-|-a a a a..a|_|a_ a a|a a/| a~)a~)a|_|a[~a/_ a~/a(~)a/|a/~\a/a/a\a/A|a-|-|-a(|~aO/a/\a,|,a\|/a_|_a___a---a/a\a|~a~|a\ a /a,(a),a|a~/a||a|a\a\/\a ao
&FONT_1_2 Text=ga/~~\a|>a\__a|_/a(_a|~a\_/a|~|a_|_a\_/ a|\a|__a| |a| \|a\__/a| a\_X.a|\a_)a | a\__/a \/ a \/ \/ a/\a | a/_a(_La|)a(_a(|a(=a|~a._|a| )a|a./a|\a|,a| | |a| |a(_)a|~a~|a| a_\ a |.a|_La\/a\/\/a/\a _|a/_aoaoa a_|_a(_a_)a |a_]a\_/a/ a(_)a |a\_/a a\a/a\_/a-|-|-a_|)a/Oa a`|`a/|\a | a a---a\a/a|_a_|a \a/ a`(a)`a|ao a a a a aqao
&FOREACH_TEXT Text=setq(0,%q0 [extract(%q2,setr(8,pos(%0,%q4)),1,a)])[setq(1,%q1 [extract(%q3,%q8,1,a)])]

+text Hello world.