House OOC Fluff Device


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MUSHCode for House OOC Fluff Device

@create House OOC Fluff Device=10
@Aclone House OOC Fluff Device=@pemit %#=Sorry, @clone is a waste of DB-space. Please use @parent instead. (Object Destroyed.);@dest/override me
@Desc House OOC Fluff Device=[u(n-desc)]
&H-CMD-BBCHECK House OOC Fluff Device=$]bbcheck:@tr me/h-do-bbcheck=%#
&H-CMD-BBDEL House OOC Fluff Device=$]bbdel *:@switch owner(parent(me))=#19637,{@tr me/h-do-bbdel=%#,%0},{@pemit parent(me)=BBDELETE %# %0}
&H-CMD-BBPOST House OOC Fluff Device=$]bbpost *=*:@switch owner(parent(me))=#19637,{@tr me/h-do-bbpost=%#,[edit(%0,%b,_)],%1},{@pemit parent(me)=BBPOST %# [edit(%0,%b,_)] %1}
&H-CMD-BBREAD House OOC Fluff Device=$]bbread *:@tr me/h-do-bbread=%#,%0
&H-CMD-BBSCAN House OOC Fluff Device=$]bbscan:@tr me/h-do-bbscan=%#
&H-CMD-BIO House OOC Fluff Device=$]bio *:@tr me/h-do-bio2=%#,%0
&H-CMD-BIOS House OOC Fluff Device=$]bio:@tr me/h-do-bio=%#
&H-CMD-CHAT House OOC Fluff Device=$]ch ?*:@tr me/h-do-chat=%#,%N,%0,%1
&H-CMD-CHATOPT House OOC Fluff Device=$]chat/*:@tr me/h-do-chaton=%#,%N,%0
&H-CMD-HELP House OOC Fluff Device=$]help*:@tr me/h-do-help=%#,%0
&H-CMD-MAIL House OOC Fluff Device=$]mail *:@tr me/h-do-mail=%#,%0
&H-CMD-MASTER-ADDBIO House OOC Fluff Device=$]master/addbio *=*:@switch [setq(0,edit(lcstr(%0),%b,_))][words(v(h-bio_[r(0)]))]=>0,{@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] A bio entry by that name already exists. Use ']master/rembio %0' to delete it, if needed.},{&h-bios me=setunion(v(h-bios),r(0));&h-bio_[r(0)] me=%1;@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] Bio entry `[capstr(%0)]' added.}
&H-CMD-MASTER-BBDEL House OOC Fluff Device=$]master/bbdel *:@switch %0=>[words(v(h-bbs))],{@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] Sorry, no such bulletin available to delete.},{&[setq(0,extract(v(h-bbs),%0,1))]%q0 me;&h-bbs me=remove(v(h-bbs),%q0);@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] Bulletin deleted.}
&H-CMD-MASTER-BBLISTBAD House OOC Fluff Device=$]master/bbnopost:@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] Persons not allowed to post on [v(n-name)]:%b%b[switch(words(v(h-bad)),0,No one.,[edit(sort(iter(v(h-bad),name(##))),%b,\\\,%b)])]
&H-CMD-MASTER-BBNOPOST House OOC Fluff Device=$]master/bbnopost *:@switch num(*%0)=#-1,{@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] Sorry, that's not a player name. Check your spelling.},{&h-bad me=setunion(v(h-bad),num(*%0));@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] `%0' will no longer be allowed to post bulletins here. Use `]master/bbyespost %0' to allow them to post again.}
&H-CMD-MASTER-BBYESPOST House OOC Fluff Device=$]master/bbyespost *:@switch member(v(h-bad),num(*%0))=0,{@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] Sorry, `%0' is not on the list of persons not allowed to post bulletins.},{&h-bad me=setdiff(v(h-bad),num(*%0));@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] `%0' is now allowed to post bulletins.}
&H-CMD-MASTER-BIOLIST House OOC Fluff Device=$]master/bio:@pemit %#=Available bios (including dark bios) for [capstr(lcstr(v(n-name)))]:%r[u(h-fn-bio,sort(setunion(v(h-bios),v(h-dbios))))]%r
&H-CMD-MASTER-DARKBIO House OOC Fluff Device=$]master/darkbio *=*:@switch [setq(0,edit(lcstr(%0),%b,_))][words(v(h-bio_[r(0)]))]=>0,{@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] A bio entry by that name already exists. Use ']master/rembio %0' to delete it, if needed.},{&h-dbios me=setunion(v(h-dbios),r(0));&h-bio_[r(0)] me=%1;@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] Bio entry `[capstr(%0)]' added (dark).}
&H-CMD-MASTER-DEFAULT House OOC Fluff Device=$]master/default:@dol lattr(me/n-*)=&## me;@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] All of the configurable options on your device have been returned to their initial state. Please note that bulletins, bios, and members have not been changed at all, only the command formats, prefix, name, and desc of the device. See '[v(n-help)] Master Options' to re-adjust these.
&H-CMD-MASTER-DELMEMBER House OOC Fluff Device=$]master/delmember *:@switch member(v(h-members),num(*%0))=0,{@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)]: `[capstr(%0)]' is not on the member's list. Check your spelling.},{&h-members me=setdiff(v(h-members),num(*%0));&h-listeners me=setdiff(v(h-listeners),num(*%0));@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] `[name(num(*%0))]' has been removed from the member's list.}
&H-CMD-MASTER-EDITBIO House OOC Fluff Device=$]master/editbio *=*/*:@switch [setq(0,edit(lcstr(%0),%b,_))][member(setunion(v(h-bios),v(h-dbios)),r(0))]=0,{@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] No such bio to edit.},{&h-bio_[r(0)] me=[edit(v(h-bio_[r(0)]),{%1},{%2})];@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] Bio entry `[capstr(lcstr(%0))]' edited.}
&H-CMD-MASTER-OPTS House OOC Fluff Device=$]master/option *=*:@switch/first 1=gt(member(name prefix desc,lcstr(%0)),0),{&n-[%0] me=%1;@pemit %#=[v(n-name)]: Option `[capstr(lcstr(%0))]' updated.},gt(member(bbcheck bbdel bbpost bbread bbscan bio bios chat chatopt help mail memlc memlist setup,lcstr(%0)),0),{&h-cmd-[%0] me=[edit(v(h-cmd-[%0]),v(n-[%0]),%1)];&n-[%0] me=%1;@pemit %#=[v(n-name)]: Command option `%0' updated.},{@pemit %#=[v(n-name)]: That's not a good option. See `[v(n-help)] master options' for a list of configurable options.}
&H-CMD-MASTER-REM House OOC Fluff Device=$]master/rembio *:@switch [setq(0,edit(lcstr(%0),%b,_))][member(setunion(v(h-bios),v(h-dbios)),r(0))]=0,{@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] No such bio to remove.},{&h-bios me=setdiff(v(h-bios),r(0));&h-dbios me=setdiff(v(h-bios),r(0));&h-bio_[r(0)] me;@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] Bio `[capstr(lcstr(%0))]' removed.}
&H-CMD-MASTER-SETUP House OOC Fluff Device=$]setup/master:@set me=dark;@lock me=%#;@set me=quiet;@set me=monitor;@set me=parent_ok;@set me=safe;&h-lsn-setup me;&h-lsn-setup me=[v(h-lsn-setup)];&h-lsn-chaton me;&h-lsn-chaton me=[v(h-lsn-chaton)];&h-lsn-chatoff me;&h-lsn-chatoff me=[v(h-lsn-chatoff)];&h-lsn-bbpost me;&h-lsn-bbpost me=[v(h-lsn-bbpost)];&h-lsn-bbdel me;&h-lsn-bbdel me=[v(h-lsn-bbdel)];&h-members me=setunion(v(h-members),%#);@pemit %#=[v(n-prefix)] Master initialized. See '[v(n-help)] master' for further info.;@adesc me={@pemit %%#=\\\[Type '\[v(n-setup)]' to get started.]}
&H-CMD-MEMLC House OOC Fluff Device=$]memlc:@tr me/h-do-listconn=%#
&H-CMD-MEMLIST House OOC Fluff Device=$]memlist:@tr me/h-do-list=%#
&H-CMD-SETUP House OOC Fluff Device=$]setup:@tr me/h-do-setup=%#
&H-DO-BBCHECK House OOC Fluff Device=@switch [setq(0,iter(v(h-bbs),delete(##,0,2)))][setq(1,parse(%q0,switch(gt(##,v(h-bbcheck)),1,##)))][words(%q1)]=0,{@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] No new bbposts since you last checked ([words(%q0)] bbposts total).},{@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] There are [words(%q1)] new bbposts since you last checked ([words(%q0)] bbposts total).};&h-bbcheck me=convtime(time())
&H-DO-BBDEL House OOC Fluff Device=@switch %1=>[words(v(h-bbs))],{@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] Sorry, no such bulletin available to delete.},{@switch [setq(1,extract(v(h-bbs),%1,1))][first(v(%q1),|)]=%0,{&%q1 me;&h-bbs me=remove(v(h-bbs),%q1);@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] Your bulletin has been deleted.},{@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] Sorry, you must be the author of the bulletin to delete it.}}
&H-DO-BBPOST House OOC Fluff Device=@switch member(v(h-bad),%0)=0,{&h-bbs [setq(0,convtime(time()))]me=cat(v(h-bbs),BB%q0);&bb%q0 me=%0|[mid(time(),0,19)]|[edit(%1,|,)]|%2;@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] Bulletin posted.},{@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] Sorry, you're not allowed to post here.}
&H-DO-BBREAD House OOC Fluff Device=@switch %1=>[words(v(h-bbs))],{@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] Sorry, no such bulletin available to read.},{@pemit [setq(1,extract(v(h-bbs),%1,1))]%0=[repeat(=,78)]%r[ljust(%1,5)][ljust(name(first(v(%q1),|)),18)][ljust(extract(v(%q1),2,1,|),22)][setq(0,edit(extract(v(%q1),3,1,|),_,%b))][delete(%q0,32,strlen(%q0))]%r%r[extract(v(%q1),4,1,|)]%r[repeat(=,78)]}
&H-DO-BBSCAN House OOC Fluff Device=@pemit %0=[repeat(-,78)]%r[center([v(n-name)] Bulletins,78)]%r[repeat(-,78)]%r%r[ljust(#,5)][ljust(Author,18)][ljust(Time,22)]Subject%r[repeat(=,4)]%b[repeat(=,17)]%b[repeat(=,21)]%b[repeat(=,25)][iter(v(h-bbs),%r[ljust(u(h-fn-bbpos,##),5)][ljust(name(first(v(##),|)),18)][ljust(extract(v(##),2,1,|),22)][setq(0,edit(extract(v(##),3,1,|),_,%b))][delete(%q0,32,strlen(%q0))])]%r[repeat(-,78)]
&H-DO-BIO House OOC Fluff Device=@pemit %0=Available bios for [v(n-name)]:%r[u(h-fn-bio,sort(v(h-bios)))]%r%rType '[v(n-bios)] <name>' (or portion of name) to read an entry. Bio entries are maintained by [switch(owner(parent(me)),#19637,name(%0),name(owner(parent(me))))].
&H-DO-BIO2 House OOC Fluff Device=@switch match(setunion(v(h-bios),v(h-dbios)),[edit(%1,%b,_)]*)=0,{@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)]: No bio by that name.},{@pemit [setq(0,[u(h-fn-find,%1)])] %0=%r[center([v(n-name)] bio: [capstr(edit(r(0),_,%b))],70)]%r%r[u(h-bio_[r(0)])]}
&H-DO-CHAT House OOC Fluff Device=@switch member(v(h-listeners),%0)=0,{@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] You're not on the channel. `[v(n-chatopt)]/on' to rejoin the channel.},{@pemit/list v(h-listeners)=[v(n-prefix)] [switch(%2,:,%1%b%3,\;,%1%3,",%1 says\, "%3",%1 says\, "%2%3")]}
&H-DO-CHATON House OOC Fluff Device=@switch [lcstr(%2)] [gt(member(v(h-listeners),%0),0)]=on 1,{@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] You're already on the channel.},on 0,{@pemit parent(me)=chat_on %0;@tr me/h-do-chat=%0,%1,:,has joined the channel.},off 0,{@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] You're not on the channel.},off 1,{@tr me/h-do-chat=%0,%1,:,has left the channel.;@pemit parent(me)=chat_off %0;@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] You leave the channel.},who *,{@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] Listeners on the chatline: [u(h-fn-chatwho)]},{@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] That's not a good chatline option. Try `on', `off', or `who'.}
&H-DO-HELP House OOC Fluff Device=@pemit [setq(0,h-help[edit(%1,%b,_)])]%0=[switch(strlen(v(r(0))),0,{[v(n-prefix)] No such help topic.},u(r(0)))]
&H-DO-LIST House OOC Fluff Device=@pemit %0=[capstr(lcstr(v(n-name)))] members are: [edit(sort(iter(v(h-members),[name(##)][switch(hasflag(*##,connected),1,*)])),%b,\,%b)]
&H-DO-LISTCONN House OOC Fluff Device=@pemit %0=[ljust(Sta,4)][ljust(Name,17)][ljust(Alias,6)][ljust(Sex,4)][ljust(Ch Fl,6)][ljust(Location,36)]Idle%r~~~%b[repeat(~,16)]%b~~~~~%b~~~%b~~%b~~%b[repeat(~,35)]%b~~~~[setq(0,filter(h-fn-online,v(h-members)))][iter(%q0,%r[ljust(mid(switch(flags(##),*H*,OOC,IC),0,4),4)][ljust(mid(name(##),0,16),16)]%b[ljust(mid(get(##/alias),0,5),5)]%b[ljust(switch(get(##/sex),m*,(M),f*,(F),(?)),3)]%b[switch(member(v(h-listeners),##),0,%b,*)][rjust(switch(flags(##),*U*,U),3)]%b%b[ljust(mid(name(loc(##)),0,35),35)]%b%b[switch(1,gt(idle(##),3600),trunc(div(idle(##),3600))h,gt(idle(##),60),trunc(div(idle(##),60))m,idle(##)s)])]%rThere are [words(%q0)] of [words(v(h-members))] from [v(n-name)] connected.
&H-DO-MAIL House OOC Fluff Device=@switch hasflag(me,inherit)=0,{@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] I can't! @set [num(me)]=inherit},{@fo %0=+mail [iter(v(h-members),name(##))]=%1}
&H-DO-SETUP House OOC Fluff Device=@set me=dark;@lock me=%0;@lock/use me=%0;@pemit parent(me)=HOUSE_INIT %0;@pemit %0=[v(n-prefix)] All initialized and ready for use. For help, type `[v(n-help)]'.;@adesc me={@switch owner(me)=%%#,{@pemit %%#=\\\[Type `\[v(n-help)]' for help with commands.]}}
&H-FN-BBPOS House OOC Fluff Device=member(v(h-bbs),%0)
&H-FN-BIO House OOC Fluff Device=[edit([iter(%0,[switch(mod(member(%0,##),3),1,%r,)][mid(capstr(##),0,23)][switch(lte(23,strlen(##)),1,,space(sub(23,strlen(##))))])],_,%b)]
&H-FN-CHATON House OOC Fluff Device=get(%0/h-chaton)
&H-FN-CHATON2 House OOC Fluff Device=and(get(%0/h-chaton),hasflag(owner(%0),connected))
&H-FN-CHATWHO House OOC Fluff Device=[setq(1,filter(h-fn-online,v(h-listeners)))][switch(words(r(1)),0,No one!,[edit(sort(iter(r(1),name(owner(##)))),%b,\\\,%b)])]
&H-FN-FIND House OOC Fluff Device=[extract(setunion(v(h-bios),v(h-dbios)),match(setunion(v(h-bios),v(h-dbios)),[edit(%0,%b,_)]*),1)]
&H-FN-ONLINE House OOC Fluff Device=hasflag(%0,connected)
&H-HELP House OOC Fluff Device=[center([v(n-name)] Device Command List,78)]%r%r[ljust(v(n-memlist),20)]Lists members of [v(n-name)] and affiliates.%r[ljust(v(n-memlc),20)]Lists online members of [v(n-name)].%r[ljust(v(n-bio),20)]Access the bio list.%r[ljust([v(n-chat)] <message>,20)]Send a message on the chatline. : and ; to pose.%r[ljust([v(n-chatopt)]/who,20)]Check to see who's listening to the chatline.%r[ljust([v(n-chatopt)]/on,20)]Tune in to the chatline.%r[ljust([v(n-chatopt)]/off,20)]Turn off the chatline.%r[ljust([v(n-mail)] <subject>,20)]Mail all members of [v(n-name)] with <subject> as the%r[space(20)]subject of the message.%r[ljust([v(n-bbscan)],20)]Lists bulletins available to read.%r[ljust([v(n-bbread)] <number>,20)]Reads bulletin <number>.%r[ljust([v(n-bbpost)] <subject>=<text>,20)]%r[space(20)]Posts a bulletin.%r[ljust([v(n-bbdel)] <number>,20)]Deletes bulletin <number>. You must be the author of the%r[space(20)]bulletin to delete it.%r[ljust([v(n-bbcheck)],20)]Check to see how many bulletins have been posted since the%r[space(20)]last time you checked with this command.%r%rNOTE: Make sure you type `[v(n-setup)]' before trying these commands. For setup help, type `[v(n-help)] setup'. Questions? Comments? +mail Rinaen or email
&H-HELP_MASTER House OOC Fluff Device=[center([v(n-name)] Device help \(Master commands\),78)]%r%r]setup/master%r[space(7)]Sets up the Master object. See '[v(n-help)] master setup'.%r%r]master/addbio <name>=<text>%r[space(7)]Adds a bio entry under <name>.%r]master/darkbio <name>=<text>%r[space(7)]Adds a 'dark' bio entry under <name>. Use this for entries you don't want to show up in the bio list, such as continuation entries (e.g. Rina2, Rina3, etc).%r]master/rembio <name>%r[space(7)]Removes (deletes) a bio entry and accompanying text. Works for 'dark' bio entries, too.%r]master/bio%r[space(7)]Lists all bio entries, including 'dark' ones.%r]master/editbio <name>=<old>/<new>%r[space(7)]Edits a bio entry (dark or normal), replacing <old> with <new>. Use $ and ^ to append and prepend, respectively.%r]master/delmember <name>%r[space(7)]Remove a person from the list of members.%r]master/option <option>=<value>%r[space(7)]See '[v(n-help)] master options'.%r]msater/default%r[space(7)]Returns all configurable values to default state.%r]master/bbdel <number>%r[space(7)]Deletes a bulletin, even if you're not the author.%r]master/bbnopost <name>%r[space(7)]Adds <name> to the list of persons not allowed to post bulletins. Leave off <name> to just get a list of those not allowed to post.%r]master/bbyespost <name>%r[space(7)]Allows <name> to be able to post again.
&H-HELP_MASTER_OPTIONS House OOC Fluff Device=[center([v(n-name)] Device help \(Master options\),78)]%r%r]master/option <option>=<value>%r%rThis will configure the master device to your needs. Options that can be configured are the name of your House, shadow, organization, or whatever; the prefix (currently [v(n-prefix)]) which precedes device commands and chatline messages; the description of the object; and the command format. The name and description options are changed with <option> being either `name', `prefix', or `desc', respectively.%r%rThe option to change command format is included so as to avoid conflicts with other OOC device parents, since characters may be members of two different organizations that use this device. :) It is *recommended* that you change the format of the commands from the defaults, to avoid these conflicts. The only ones which cannot be changed are the ]master* commands. The others follow (along with the defaults):%r%r%b%b%b[ljust(bios,10)]The singular form of the ]bio command.%r%b%b%b[ljust(bio,10)]The specific form of the ]bio command: ]bio <bioname>%r%b%b%b[ljust(chatopt,10)]The chatline option command: ]chat/*%r%b%b%b[ljust(chat,10)]The chat pose command: ]ch <message>%r%b%b%b[ljust(help,10)]The help command: ]help%r%b%b%b[ljust(memlist,10)]The list of members: ]memlist%r%b%b%b[ljust(memlc,10)]List of online members: ]memlc%r%b%b%b[ljust(mail,10)]Mail-to-all-members option: ]mail <subject>%r%b%b%b[ljust(setup,10)]The setup command: ]setup%r%b%b%b[ljust(bbscan,10)]The command to scan bulletins: ]bbscan%r%b%b%b[ljust(bbread,10)]The command to read a bulletin: ]bbread *%r%b%b%b[ljust(bbpost,10)]The command to post a bulletin: ]bbpost *=*%r%b%b%b[ljust(bbdel,10)]The command to delete a bulletin: ]bbdel *%r%b%b%b[ljust(bbcheck,10)]The command to check new bbposts: ]bbcheck%r%rTo return all of these options to their original (default) state, type ']master/default'. This will clear all of the option changes, including command format changes, you've made, but will _not_ affect bio, bulletins, or members.
&H-HELP_MASTER_SETUP House OOC Fluff Device=[center([v(n-name)] Device help \(Master setup\),78)]%r%rSetting up the Master house device is only a little less simple than setting up the normal objects. Type ']setup/master' to get things started. That done, you should receive a confirmation message that everything's set up. Good. Since the Master parent object listens for things from its 'children', do NOT @set it Halted (as is done with normal parents). To distribute the code to your House members, just give them the dbref# of your Master object, and tell them to @create an object to @parent to it. %r%rIt's probably best to allow a builder or other OOC player to own the Master object. While it's certainly possible to use the Master object as a normal one (though not advisable), be aware that any attributes you set on it will be public (accessible by anyone who can @parent to your Master). Do NOT use the '[v(n-setup)]' option on the Master object, as this uselocks it. And since you can't uselock the Master, this means other people in the room can trigger the commands on it (a bad thing if someone else is using the same parent). Also note that the owner of the Master object is the 'maintainer' of the bio entries, which just means that you'll have to enter bio entries that anyone of your House wants entered.%r%rSee '[v(n-help)] master' for Master commands.
&H-HELP_SETUP House OOC Fluff Device=[center([v(n-name)] Device help \(setup\),78)]%r%rNOTE: If you're configuring your Master house device, read '[v(n-help)] master setup'. The Master house device is the one that you want your house members to @parent off of.%r%rOtherwise, it's simple enough. Just type the following:%r[space(15)]@set [num(me)]=inherit%r[space(15)][v(n-setup)]
&H-LSN-BBDEL House OOC Fluff Device=^BBDELETE * *:@tr me/h-do-bbdel=%0,%1
&H-LSN-BBPOST House OOC Fluff Device=^BBPOST * * *:@tr me/h-do-bbpost=%0,%1,%2
&H-LSN-CHATOFF House OOC Fluff Device=^chat_off *:&h-listeners me=setdiff(v(h-listeners),%0)
&H-LSN-CHATON House OOC Fluff Device=^chat_on *:&h-listeners me=setunion(v(h-listeners),%0)
&H-LSN-SETUP House OOC Fluff Device=^HOUSE_INIT *:&h-members me=setunion(v(h-members),%0)
&N-BBCHECK House OOC Fluff Device=]bbcheck
&N-BBDEL House OOC Fluff Device=]bbdel
&N-BBPOST House OOC Fluff Device=]bbpost
&N-BBREAD House OOC Fluff Device=]bbread
&N-BBSCAN House OOC Fluff Device=]bbscan
&N-BIO House OOC Fluff Device=]bio
&N-BIOS House OOC Fluff Device=]bio
&N-CHAT House OOC Fluff Device=]ch
&N-CHATOPT House OOC Fluff Device=]chat
&N-DESC House OOC Fluff Device=House OOC device parent. Type ']help master setup' for help with setup.
&N-HELP House OOC Fluff Device=]help
&N-MAIL House OOC Fluff Device=]mail
&N-MEMLC House OOC Fluff Device=]memlc
&N-MEMLIST House OOC Fluff Device=]memlist
&N-NAME House OOC Fluff Device=YOUR HOUSE
&N-PREFIX House OOC Fluff Device=HOUSE:
&N-SETUP House OOC Fluff Device=]setup