Four Poster Bed

This is a large bed, with four large, well polished posts. Has various commands, including 'sit', 'lay', 'snuggle', 'nap', 'bounce', 'burrito', 'atop' and '@bop'.

Author: Leto@GlobalMUSH
Category: Other
Functions: eval(), rand(), switch().
Compatibility: PennMUSH, TinyBit, TinyMUSH, TinyMUX.


Copy and paste the below code into a compatible MUSH or MUX.

MUSHCode for Four Poster Bed

@create Four Poster Bed
@Osucc Four Poster Bed=bends deeply at the knees and hoists the bed up, putting it across %p shoulders.
@set Four Poster Bed/Osucc = no_command
@Succ Four Poster Bed=You bend deeply at the knees and hoist the bed up, putting it across your shoulders.
@set Four Poster Bed/Succ = no_command
@Desc Four Poster Bed=This is a large bed, with four large, well polished posts. The headboard is small and subdued, and partially obscured by the fluffy pillows at the head of the bed. The bed is covered by a highly lofted thick white down comforter.%R%RTake a look at 'bed help' if you like.
@set Four Poster Bed/Desc = no_command
@Odrop Four Poster Bed=whips out a large, four-poster bed and drops it to the ground, where it bounces slightly after a large kerwhump!
@set Four Poster Bed/Odrop = no_command
@Drop Four Poster Bed=You whip out a bed and drop it to the ground, where it bounces slightly.
@set Four Poster Bed/Drop = no_command
&SIT Four Poster Bed=$sit:@pemit %n=You sit on the edge of the bed, your hands rubbing the sheets beside your legs slightly.;@oemit %n=%N sits on the edge of the bed. You see %p hands rubbing the sheets as %s looks at you.;@wait 15=@pemit %n=You shift slightly on the bed, sliding back a little, getting more comfortable.;@wait 15=@oemit %n=%N slides back on the bed a little, taking a deep breath, looking comfortable.
&BOP Four Poster Bed=$@bop *:@switch [rand(6)]=1,@emit %N picks up a pillow and whaps %0 with it!,2,{@emit %N grabs a pillow and takes a mighty swing at %0 who nimbly ducks [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,her,his)] head, letting the pillow sail by harmlessly!},3,{@emit %N flips %0 over on [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,her,his)] stomach and whomps [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,her,him)] on the butt with %p pillow!},4,@emit %N wields %p pillow dangerously and whaps %0 right in the tummy with it!,5,{@emit %N holds out %p hand to %0 and says, "Go ahead, hit that!";@wait 5=@emit %0 thinks for a moment, then reaches out and whacks %N's hand.;@wait 10= @emit %N's hand whirls down, then grabs a pillow and circles back up high - and comes down with a soft BOP on %0;'s head!},{@emit %N holds out %p hand to %0 and says, "Go ahead, hit that!";@wait 5=@emit %0 thinks for a moment, then grabs a pillow and whaps %N soundly with it!!}
&SNUGGLE Four Poster Bed=$snuggle *:@pemit %n=You slide over next to %0, putting your arms around [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,her,him)] and running your leg up and down [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,hers,his)].;@pemit %0=%N slides across the bedsheets, pressing to you gently. You feel [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,his,her)] leg rubbing up and down yours softly.;@wait 10=@pemit %n=You start to feel your own body stir as you snuggle so close to [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,her,him)].;@wait 10=@pemit %0=%N's body presses to yours warmly.
&BOUNCE Four Poster Bed=$bounce:@pemit %n=In a blatent disregard of your mother's explicit instructions of so long ago... you jump up onto your feet and start bouncing on the bed!;@oemit %n=%N leaps up onto %p feet on the bed and starts bouncing up and down!;@wait 15=@pemit %n=The mattress is springy beneath your feet and soon you are bouncing high, your arms gyrating madly!;@wait 15=@oemit %n=%N really seems to be bouncing up a storm! The bed jumps and vibrates as %s bounces higher and higher!;@wait 17=@pemit %n=BOING!;@wait 17=@oemit %n=%N bounces with a boing!;@wait 19=@pemit %n=BOING...;@wait 19=@oemit %n=%N springs higher!;@wait 22=@pemit %n=SPROING!;@wait 22=@oemit %n=%N bounces with a kersproing!;@wait 25=@pemit %n=BOING!;@wait 25=@oemit %n=Boing!;@wait 30=@pemit %n=With a final flourish you do a large bounce and land on your bum!;@wait 30=@oemit %n=%N does one final high sproing, then lands on %p bum with a bounce!;@wait 35=@pemit %n=The bed bounces and vibrates under you, then is finally quiet.;@wait 35=@oemit %n=%N looks at you with an impish grin on %p face and giggles.
&NAP Four Poster Bed=$nap *:@pemit %n=You snuggle gently into %0's arms, [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,laying your head gently upon her chest{,} feeling her breathe.,laying your head gently upon his chest{,} feeling him breathe.)];@pemit %0=%N looks at you with a drowsy look in %p eyes.;@wait 15=@pemit %0= %S snuggles up to you and places %p head on your chest.;@wait 15=@pemit %n=You lay your head on %0's [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,soft,firm)] chest and your eyelids drift closed.;@wait 30=@pemit %0=%N puts %p arms around you lovingly.;@wait 30=@pemit %0=Loving the feel of %N against you, you wrap your arms around [switch(eval(*%N,sex),female,her,him)];@wait 45=@pemit %N=You snuggle closer to %0, loving how warm and cozy [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,her,his)] arms feel around you.;@wait 45=@pemit %0=%N snuggles closer to you, murmuring softly.;@wait 60=@pemit %n=Happy and contented, you drift off into blissful...;@wait 65=@pemit %n=Warm...;@wait 70=@pemit %n=Loving...;@wait 75=@pemit %n=...sleep...;@wait 70=@pemit %0=%N is quiet now, sleeping against you. You feel %o breathing softly, and somehow sense that %s dreams about you...
&BEDHELP Four Poster Bed=$bed help:@pemit %n=*************************************************************%RYou can:%R%R%B'sit' To sit on the bed.%R%B'lay' To lie down on the bed.%R%B'snuggle <someone>' To snuggle up to that certain someone.%R%B'nap <someone>' To fall asleep in that someone's arms.%R%B'bounce' To do that most heinous of all childhood %R%B'burrito <someone>' To make a tasty mexican treat of them!%R%B'atop <someone>' To roll on top of them!%R%B'@bop <someone>' To whap them with a pillow!%R*************************************************************%R
&LAY Four Poster Bed=$lay:@pemit %n=You stretch out on the bed, slipping your feet up and laying back, your head on a soft pillow.;@oemit %n=%N lies down on the bed, stretching a little before snuggling %p head into the pillow and looking at you.;@wait 15=@pemit %n=You squirm slightly against the sheets, rubbing your cheek into the pillow.;@wait 15=@oemit %n=%N snuggles into the sheets a little, moving %p head against the pillow, sinking in deeper.
&BURRITO Four Poster Bed=$burrito *:@emit %N kneels up on %p knees suddenly, scooping up the covers and holding them in front of %o!;@wait 5=@emit %S eyes %0 with a look of deviltry and says in a fiendish voice, "I'm afraid you cannot escape me... my little .... LOVE BURRITO!";@wait 10=@emit Suddenly %N dives! Chasing %0 around the bed, trying to wrap [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,her,him)] up in the blanket!;@wait 15=@emit %n catches %0, wraps [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,her,him)] up and happily hugs [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,her,him)].
&ATOP Four Poster Bed=$atop *:@switch rand(4)=0,{@emit %N smiles slyly and wraps %p arms around %0 suddenly!!!;@wait 5=@emit After a brief struggle, %s rolls atop %0 with a triumphant cry!},1,{@emit %N suddenly wraps %p limbs around %0. A struggle ensues!;@wait 5=@emit %N gets halfway up and relents, trapped under %0.},2,{@emit %N points over %0's shoulder and says, "Holy smokes! Look at that!";@wait 5=@emit %0 turns and looks over [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,her,his)] shoulder.;@wait 10=@emit %N waits until %0 is thoroughly distracted, then grapples %0 and spins [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,her,him)] over, situating %oself over [switch(eval(*%0,sex),female,her,him)] with a gleeful cackle!},@emit %N struggles and squirms ineffectually beneath %0.
&ATOP_VICTIM Four Poster Bed=Moira
@set Four Poster Bed=COMMANDS