Beer Nut

Not your average bar food.

Author: Jen Kleinman
Category: Other
Compatibility: CobraMUSH, PennMUSH, TinyBit, TinyMUSH, TinyMUX.


Copy and paste the below code into a compatible MUSH or MUX.

MUSHCode for Beer Nut

@create beer nut=10
@lock beer nut=#0
&CHEW beer nut=$eat nut:@emit [name(%#)] picks up the beer nut and pops it in %p mouth.;@trigger me/rand[rand(3)];&lastate me=[get(me/currate)];&currate me=%#
&RAND0 beer nut=@emit [name(v(currate))] closes [poss(v(currate))] eyes and smiles from ear to ear as a heady mixture of opium, salt, and [name(v(lastate))]'s saliva brings [obj(v(currate))] closer to Universal Oneness.
@set beer nut/RAND0 = no_command
&RAND1 beer nut=@emit [name(v(currate))]'s head pops off [poss(v(currate))] shoulders as [subj(v(currate))] accidentally triggers a nitrate explosion. *BOOM*!;kill [name(v(currate))]=100
@set beer nut/RAND1 = no_command
&RAND2 beer nut=@emit [name(v(currate))] grasps [poss(v(currate))] throat and gasps "I've been poisoned by [name(v(lastate))]'s *cough* spit!" In a last-ditch attempt for revenge, [name(v(currate))] whips the beer nut at [name(v(lastate))]. [switch(eq(#0,loc(v(lastate))),1,The beer nut hits [name(v(lastate))] square in the stomach and the unstable nitroglycerides in the salt EXPLODE!,0,Fortunately [subj(v(currate))] only manages to wing the bartender.)];kill [name(v(lastate))]=100;kill [name(v(currate))]=100
@set beer nut/RAND2 = no_command
&CURRATE beer nut=#315
@set beer nut/CURRATE = no_command
&LASTATE beer nut=#319
@set beer nut/LASTATE = no_command
@Desc beer nut=It's a beer nut, and looks like most beer nuts do except that you can tell that this is not composed of whatever beer nuts are composed of. It seems to be made up of opium, nitroglycerin, [name(v(currate))]'s saliva, salt, and various corn by-products. Type 'eat nut' to eat it.
@set beer nut/Desc = no_command
@Fail beer nut=Type 'eat nut' to eat it.
@set beer nut/Fail = no_command