An airship that can fly low, high, and have different speeds.

Category: Vehicles
Compatibility: CobraMUSH, PennMUSH, TinyBit, TinyMUSH, TinyMUX.


Copy and paste the below code into a compatible MUSH or MUX.

MUSHCode for Airship

@@Airship Code by Xero for FinalFantasyMUX. Change the 'Blackjack part to whatever you want the name of the ship to be.
@create Blackjack
@desc Blackjack=A great airship. It is a large zeppelin with a black balloon with orange streamlining on it. A gondola hangs down. This looks very flashy, almost gaudy.
@idesc Blackjack=%tYou stand on the deck of the blackjack. A steering wheel sits at the front (AIRHELP for directions) A door at the back goes belowdeck.%tThe wind whips at your face.
&AIRHELP blackjack=$AIRHELP:@pemit *%#=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=<Airship Code Help by Xero>=--=-=-=-=-%rSteering- Angling the ship type 'steer <direction should be an exit name>'%rDriving- Type 'DRIVE' to go in the defined direction.%rSpeed- This is pretty trivial but to set speed type 'Speed <desired speed>%rHeight- Another useless one but 'HEIGHT <either high or low>%rDocking- To dock the ship type 'Dock'%rThis code is created and maintained by Xero @ FinalFantasyMUX, RivaMUSH, HappyMUX, Realtime MUSH
&STEER_CMD Blackjack=$steer *:@emit %N sets course for %0.;@pemit/contents me=%N steers the ship towards %0.;&VA me=%0
&DRIVE_CMD blackjack=$drive:pose speeds away at %VB miles per hour towards %VA, flying %VC.;@pemit/contents me=%N steps on the gas and the ship goes at %VB towards %VA, flying %VC.;@fo me=%VA
&SPEED_CMD Blackjack=$speed *:&VB me=%0;@wait 1=@pemit/contents me=%N sets the vessel's speed to %VB.
&HEIGHT_CMD Blackjack=$height high:&VC me=high;@pemit/contents me=%N sets the height of the ship to %VC.;@emit The Blackjack goes higher in the air.
&HEIGHT2_CMD Blackjack=$height low:&VC me=low;@pemit/contents me=%N sets the height of the ship to low.;@emit The Blackjack lowers in the air.
&DOCK_CMD Blackjack=$dock:@emit The Blackjack docks.;@pemit/contents me=The ship shudders as it docks.
@listen Blackjack=*
@set Blackjack=enter_ok
@set blackjack=audible
@set blackjack=transparent
@prefix blackjack=From the Blackjack,
@inprefix Blackjack=From the ground,
@enter Blackjack=You climb aboard the Blackjack
@oenter Blackjack=climbs aboard.
@oxenter Blackjack=gets onboard the Blackjack.
@leave blackjack=You climb off of the Blackjack.
@oleave blackjack=climbs off the ship.
@oxleave blackjack=climbs down from the Blackjack.
@adrop blackjack=@emit The Blackjack comes along flying %VC at %VB miles per hour.